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WWHT Portfolio Enhancement Phase I – In Progress

Laterre House, 24 E Main Street, Wilmington

Laterre House
24 East Main Street

Cobblestone 34 Canal Street Brattleboro

34 Canal Street

The Portfolio Enhancement Housing Project (PEI) is a 29 apartment, scattered site project involving the energy upgrades and general “spruce up” of 5 WWHT properties. Some of the earliest buildings purchased by WWHT have begun to show their age; their upkeep and energy costs are increasingly expensive to maintain. It’s time to replace the kitchens and flooring, refinish the floors, improve curb appeal, and improve energy efficiency.

218 Elliot Street Brattleboro

218 Elliot Street

Each rehabilitation will begin with an energy audit to guide construction plans and specifications. The work will range from modest replacements (flooring, roofs, furnaces, etc.) to substantial rehabilitation. In most cases, kitchen cabinets, counters, bath fixtures, flooring, roofs and light fixtures will be replaced; porches and foundations will be shored up where needed. We’ll replace sidewalks, enhancing accessibility, and spruce up yards and driveways. In some buildings, we’ll add a common laundry room. All the buildings will get a new coat of paint, inside and out. In recent years, we’ve reduced energy consumption on our projects by 32% on average through upgrades.

59 Frost Street Brattleboro

59 Frost Street, Brattleboro

66 Washington Street Brattleboro

66 Washington Street

We’ve added solar domestic hot water panels, and done aggressive weatherization and insulation, at times replacing older windows. We’ve installed pellet boilers, and recently—in Algiers—we installed our first photovoltaic panels for electricity. We’ve reduced our average annual per-unit oil consumption rate to 200 gallons… which helps us keep our apartments affordable!

Town: Brattleboro & Wilmington

Units: 29 apts (10 SRO/efficiency, 8 one-BR, 7 two-BR, and 4 three-BR)

Timeline: Construction began in early 2014 and will be finished in the fall of 2014.

The buildings and their story: These buildings were built in the late 1800s and purchased by WWHT in the 1990s. They are all great sources of in-town, affordable housing.

General Partner: J.D. Kantor, Inc.

Architect & Engineer Firm: Arnold & Scangas Architects

General Contractor: TBD

Algiers Family Housing - Complete!

Algiers Family Housing, Guilford
Algiers Family Housing, Guilford

The Algiers Village Housing project is a new construction project in Guilford. It includes two buildings: a 15 unit building at 91 Guilford Center Road, and a duplex at 71 Guilford Center Road. In addition to the housing project, there are two concurrent projects which are related but have been managed and financed separately: the Brownfield cleanup on the warehouse lot, and a new municipal water system extension from Brattleboro.  Find more information about the Algiers Village project in WWHT’s Spring 2012 Newsletter. 

 Town: Guilford

Units: 17 units (7 one-bedrooms, 9 two-bedrooms, and 1 three-bedroom)

Timeline: Project began in July 2012, and was completed this past summer.

Unique Features: The long awaited next phase in a multi-faceted community-driven village revitalization project, the Algiers Village Housing project redevelops an abandoned warehouse parcel in the center of the village.

The economic viability of Algiers Village has ebbed and flowed for over 200 years, however throughout that time period a consistent settlement pattern has emerged, anchored by eight historic structures in the village area.   When the Friends of Algiers Village group began their work 10 years ago they envisioned a vibrant village area which would encompass a retail store (Guilford General Store), a restaurant, service related businesses, and mixed income housing.  Now this vision is being realized.

General Partner: Housing Vermont

Architect: Duncan Wisniewski Architecture

General Contractor: Ingram Construction Corporation

Engineer: Stevens & Associates

Special Appreciation: Friends of Algiers Village, Town of Guilford, Windham Regional Commission

Red Maple & Evergreen Mobile Home Parks – Complete!

Evergreen Mobile Home Park, Bellows Falls

Red Maple & Evergreen Mobile Home Parks were recently purchased by WWHT and represent important housing stock in Springfield and Bellows Falls.
This rehabilitation project addresses landscaping and infrastructure improvements in the two mobile home parks. 

Towns: Springfield and Bellows Falls

Units: The Evergreen park consists of 11 mobile homes located on a 1.28 acre parcel located on Route 5 just north of the Bellows Falls Village, with a nice view of the river. The Red Maple Park consists of 7 mobile homes and a 2 unit apartment building. The park is situated on a 1.38 acre parcel (made up of two lots) in Springfield, VT, conveniently close to the town center and served by public water and sewer.

Timeline: Project began in March 2013, and was completed within a few months.

General Partner: J.D. Kantor, Inc.

Architect & Engineer Firm: Stevens & Associates

General Contractor: American Construction

Chester Gage Preservation Project – Complete!

517 Depot Street, Chester

The Chester Gage Preservation project tackled the complete rehabilitation of two buildings, both rich with history and integral to their communities. While maintaining the exterior integrity of the buildings, the reconstruction secured the foundations, updated the electrical and plumbing systems, and made energy efficient upgrades such as: new windows and doors, insulation, boiler systems, solar panels, and energy efficient appliances.

213 Gage Street, North Westminster

Towns: Chester and N. Westminster

Units: 12 units (11 one-bedrooms and 1 two-bedroom)

Timeline: Project began in July 2012 and was completed early this year.

Unique Features:
517 Depot Road – this Greek Revival/Italianate/Georgian style house, originally known as the Blaisdell House, was built right in the center of Chester Depot in 1868.

213 Gage Street – originally the Gageville Schoolhouse, built circa 1873, this building was subsequently owned by SEVCA; it held administrative offices and a Head Start center.  In 2002 the building was purchased and converted it into its current four dwelling units.

General Contractor: Naylor & Breen

Architect: NBF Architects

Engineers: Stevens & Associates (structural) Dewolfe (civil)

Development Consultant: J.D. Kantor, Inc.

Canal & Main – Complete!

9 Canal Street, Brattleboro

Canal & Main, a.k.a. Upper Story Housing, is a creative community-driven project providing mixed income rental apartments. The 24 new apartments are located on the top two floors of the Brattleboro Food Co-op’s new retail store in downtown Brattleboro. Convenient to services, the apartments  provide housing for a wide range of persons, including young people, the disabled, and seniors.

Town: Downtown Brattleboro

Units: 24 units (18 one-bedrooms, two 2-bedrooms, and 4 efficiencies)

Which building is it? A new one! Located at the front of the current plaza parking lot, on the site where several historic downtown buildings once sat. You can’t miss it!

Timeline: Construction began in 2010 and was completed in Fall 2012. The apartments filled up immediately.

Unique Features: The design incorporates both green, energy saving construction techniques and innovative “regenerative” building ­systems. A sophisticated mechanical system recaptures waste heat produced by the store’s refrigeration equipment to heat the entire building.

General Contractor: Baybutt Construction

Architect: Gossens Bachman Architects

Engineer: Stevens and Associates Engineering

Energy Consultant: Andy Shapiro, Energy Balance, Inc.

Owners: Brattleboro Food Co-op (first two floors); WWHT and Housing Vermont, Inc. (top two floors)

Photo by Bob George

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