Money Talks!


If your money could talk, what would it say?  And how can you get it to tell a different story?

Do you have a hard time paying all of your bills and still find the extra money to do things for yourself? Would you like to learn how to manage your money and not let it manage you? Do you have dreams of going on a vacation, owning a home one day, helping your kids through college, or saving an emergency fund?

Money Talks is a financial coaching program that includes three in-person sessions with a certified counselor to learn to:

               1) Set financial goals around what’s most important in your life

               2) Understand how credit scores work and how it impacts you, and

               3) Develop a savings and spending plan

There’s a fee of $25.00 which includes the three sessions, a credit score pull and review. This fee can also be applied as a discount towards a future Homebuyer Education class.  For more information and to schedule your appointments in Brattleboro or Springfield, call Darlene Kelly at 802-246-2127 or


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