Besides Brattleboro, where are WWHT’s affordable homes located?


Communities throughout Windham and Windsor Counties have made great progress over the past 30 years towards doing their “fair share” to meet the broad housing needs of low- and moderate-income residents.

In recent years, the Trust has partnered with a number of rural communities, working hand-in-hand with municipal leaders, housing advocates, and citizens to create affordable homes and apartments for local residents. Examples of these new partnerships include the renovation of the old Sadawga Springs Hotel in the village of Whitingham in 2006, where nine new apartments were created to help maintain the village’s unique mixed population. On Handle Road in West Dover, 26 new apartments for seniors, seven townhouses for families, and seven for-sale condominiums were created in 2006. And in Guilford, seven affordable apartments were created in Algiers in 2008.

While the Trust has clearly been stretching its reach in recent years, it continues to serve the broad needs of the county’s most populous town, Brattleboro, where 77% of its 450 homes and apartments are located.

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